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Our Services

Jali Transport

JTL has a primary activity which is improvement of travel conditions for those who use public transport in Rwanda. As such, our activities include :
• Providing direct transportation services to the public
• Organizing transport systems in our areas of control by :

Ensuring that all areas are provided with adequate public transport vehicles
Ensuring that the standard of our services adhere to the general rules and procedures that govern the public transport sector
• Promote the private sector by hiring transport vehicles from private investors.
• Providing solutions to the current public transport problems such as increased traffic congestion in the city by replacing coasters and minibus larger city buses.

Jali Real Estate

We specialize in :
• Development of public parking facilities
• Management of Public Parking facilities
• Development and management of commercial buildings.
• Provision of Vehicles’ Garage Services.

Jali S.C

We provide reliable and affordable financial solutions initially to Small and Medium Size Enterprises and local individuals. Our primary targeted clientele is mainly made up of members of transport cooperatives across Rwanda, drivers, motor vehicle operators, garages and spare parts shops, car wash bay businesses and individual transport operators but will also extend financial services to the rest of the public.

Jali Investment aims at being the leading investment company

We provide efficient and effective management services in public transport, bus park Construction and management as well as micro finance.